Amazingly awful feedback and what we can learn from it

Feedback is a complicated and often touchy subject in a company. Yet, it is what can make a company greater than it ever was before. This is shown in the way that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have stressed the importance of feedback in their own companies. However, there is no one and only right way to give feedback.

One case that needs to be considered is portrayed in the video concerning Terry Tate and his unique feedback style. In it, the many aspects involved with giving feedback are executed in an extreme way. Therefore, it can help as a fun guiding tool into understanding what “appropriate feedback” means and how one’s personal feedback style can be improved.

What can we can & can’t learn from Terry and his CEO:

  • focus feedback on the performance or behaviour instead of the person, but don’t forget that you are talking to another person with feelings;
  • be specific instead of being devious, rude or using vague metaphors;
  • feedback is about emphasizing positive behaviour AND what needs to be improved, so don’t forget to give compliments;
  • integrate feedback into a frequent routine and try correcting “incorrect” behaviour immediately as it is more effective;
  • ask questions that drive self-evaluation, stimulating the person to cooperate into creating a solution.

A video that can give a sense of how that is accomplished can be found here. Good luck!