Change made possible

In this ever evolving economy, change is inevitable. In most cases it even becomes a make or break point. Here, Companies often struggle as there are considerable obstacles when implementing change. However, it is possible and these videos will help undestand how.

Correct implementation is key. The goal and reasoning for the change must be clear to all participants involved. The following video illustrates that even without any resistance, change can go wrong if the participants misunderstand the goal.

However, even if the goal and reasoning are clear, the path towards it may still be vague. Participants cannot implement change if they do not know how to start. `Decrease production costs´ is a clear goal but difficult to implement. This concept is further ilustrated in the following video where current technology (the goal) is placed in the context of a few decades ago.

Simplifying your change strategy is the solution. By simplifying the goal and implementation, the scenario showed in the video can easily be prevented. Accomplished in a few steps, simplification is clearly explained in the following video.

Finally, the previous mentioned videos have not yet discussed the obstacle of resistance to change. How to overcome this is extensively discussed in the following video where the importance of pros and cons towards change ae clearly demonstrated. With this knowledge, change should be easier to make, good luck!