Lessons learned from great leaders

Everybody has a different style of leading and often different goals in doing so. Therefore, there is no 8 step program into becoming a leader. Even so, leaders have been able to accomplish great and seemingly impossible things. Here they will reveal some of the valuable lessons they have learnt about leadership along the way.

JFK: “We chose to go to the moon (…), not because it is easy, but because it is hard.”

The following video shows how JFK reminds the people of their collective accomplishments, making future goals seem less impossible. Moreover, it reminds the public of the union and collective goal they all share.

The Dalai Lama: “We do not want suffering, (…) [but] are actually creating unnecessary suffering.”

This video illustrates the Dalai Lama explaining that he sees that people are not keeping the goal in mind and therefore will never reach it.

Barack Obama: “Yes we can.”

The famous speech given by Barack expresses that change requires collective action combined with a vision and motivation for change. Here Obama shows how a leader should be inspirational. This all expressed with his charisma pared with amazing speech techniques.

Michael Jordan: “Maybe it’s my fault that you did not see that failure gave me strength.”

In this video Michael Jordan discusses that becoming as successful as he is required tremendous amounts of work and failures, showing that a leader should also represent the person one wants to see in its followers. Moreover, the video shows pictures illustrating the process of where Michael Jordan came from and where he ended up, reminding us that great leaders can arise from everywhere.

Steve Jobs: “You have to be run by ideas, not hierarchy.”

The following video illustrates Steve Jobs explaining how important keeping the mentality of a start-up is and not letting bureaucracy get in the way. Great people will not follow a leader if they are not allowed to express their opinions due to hierarchical differences.

The question that now remains: What lesson will you teach?