10 ways to fight procrastination, no excuses

Let’s face it, you are probably reading this article to procrastinate, by learning how to stop procrastinating. But, we all know that feeling of having to do something very important and yet; the internet keeps calling your name, your phone doesn’t stop ringing and even the walls have become interesting enough to stare at. None of this however, will help to get things done. Therefore, we have decided to help you with 10 ways to stop procrastinating.

#1 Remove the temptation
This  might be the most obvious one but is usually disregarded by creating excuses for their necessity. By putting our phone on silent mode and logging out of Facebook, the important activity will be the “only” thing left to focus on. If you need help to do this, there is an app called “self control for study” which will block all procrastination apps on your phone.

#2 Divide the big assignment/project into shorter segments
Hereby, that huge very important thing that needs to get done will seem less daunting and therefore less easy to procrastinate. Moreover, write all the separate segments down on a sheet and cross them out once they are done.

#3 Set short term deadlines
By setting short term deadlines the need to get the job done becomes bigger than when the deadline is far, far in the future as is shown in the following video.

#4 Write down the deadline and store it in eyesight
This will add pressure by making it seem more official and it will also constantly remind you of what needs to be done, making procrastination less likely.

#5 Start with the segments of the task you like best
The brain then releases dopamine which “teaches” and motivates the brain to do it again. Therefore, motivating you to continue working on the project instead of procrastinating. A video that talks about this, and much more is shown below.

#6 Reward yourself in intervals
This can easily be achieved by using the Pomodoro technique. This technique makes use of a timer that can be set for 25 minutes. After the 25 of hard work, a small reward such as a snack or a simple 5 minute break is taken. Afterwards the timer is set again. This will keep you motivated to keep going and prevent procrastination.

#7 Try to see yourself as being productive,
instead of going through torture. By staying positive, you will become more motivated to get the job done and therefore less likely to procrastinate.

#8 Recognise when you are about to procrastinate
Try to find patterns in when you are more likely to procrastinate and adjust your deadlines accordingly. Moreover, instead of focussing on only fighting the urge to procrastinate, try to work for a few more minutes and then take a small break (of course with moderation). Afterwards you will feel refreshed and work more efficiently.

#9 Try to see the light at the end of the tunnel
Keep the goal in mind. Remember why you wanted to do this and why procrastination is not going to help you get there. Remember that potential promotion?

#10 Forgive yourself
Procrastination is natural, at least for the most of us. Do not get frustrated with yourself if you find yourself procrastinating (again), instead forgive yourself, read the “thank god for procrastination!” article and try to go back to work.