The best way to reach a decision in a team

Teamwork, the word seems to give some people an allergic reaction. Do you remember the times in class when the teacher gave us instructions to work in a team. Before the teacher even finished, you would make that secret sign/look to your best friend in class. Thank god he/she want to work with me too! But then, the teacher decides to pick a random teammate for you. Great, now you have to share ideas and discuss them over and over again. What is the best way to reach a decision?

In the following video you see multiple different people who work for the same company or are involved in any way. They have to come up with a decision, the best decision. Every person has its own ideas, composed by the fact of being a unique person. Unique by knowledge, study, experience, age and their position in the company. But how to coordinate all these individual perceptions and ideas? How does one come to a decision?

Other techniques to come to the (possibly) best decision is to:

–          Assign a Project manager which just as in the video is there to make the final decision

–          collaborative/problem conflict management solving approach

–          Democratically

–          Compromising

–          Negotiation


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