The best work attitude found in an unexpected place

The fish market. It’s stinky, noisy and dirty. The work is hard with long hours and in work conditions that could be improved, a lot. However, these market men decided this was not going to let them down. They decided to take on a complete new work attitude, making their job more fun and bearable.

In the following video it is shown how these fish market men go about their job. They don’t just sell the fish, they make a show out of it. Their work attitude is so enthusiastic that tourists all over the world come to Seattle to see them work. Therefore, it did not only improve work conditions for the employees, it also improved their performance and sales.

What we can learn about work attitude:

–          It is not about the job itself, it’s about your attitude

–          Changing to a positive work attitude cannot only improve the employees performance but also it’s well being

–          The positive work attitude of the employees can have a great effect on customers

–          Work attitude can be learned and can become part of the organization’s culture

–          Work attitude can be improved by small things such as humor and playfulness