The customer is king… or is he?

Businesses have become more and more customer oriented over the years, or at least tried to be. The current and future meaning of “customer oriented” goes further than just seeing them as a “king”. The relationship between the two must be expanded to encompass a deeper connection. In a field full off ( in their eyes) similar companies doing similar things, simply obeying their orders is not enough. Customers want more. This results in customer loyalty becoming more difficult to gain, unless the deeper connection is formed.

Many companies have great difficulty in reaching and understanding this principle. This is partially due to the fast technological developments and the possibilities it generates. However, there are some that have accomplished reaching this principle and are greatly praised for it. Think of Apple, Nike and Disney. Great names who all seem to act in accordance to the following:

This explains the deeper connection theoretically. The customer should not (try to) formulate the “why” of the company. The company must create and promote it. The connection is created through the “why” that is often explained in the company’s mission statement. The mission statement should therefore be precisely formulated and promoted. But what about everyday implementation? How does one market this? That depends on the field and product that needs to be marketed, but let yourself be inspired by the following video and don’t forget that the customer is more than a king.