The (extreme) new way of branding

Do you remember the times where posters and flyers were the best way to advertise? How about television ads? Well, times are changing and let’s admit that these are not the places to gain a lot of attention. These companies however, have found great ways to brand and gain attention. They have all created something extraordinary, eye-catching and definitely social media worthy for anyone who is willing to share it. Here is what we can learn from their branding:

– Create something, eye-catching, fun and free:

– Support a social cause:

– Shock people with the consequences of not using your product:

– Or shock them with the unexpected need to use your product:

– Give the customers more than they asked for in an original way:

– Use the existing customer loyalty for an extra cause (and potentially make the national news):

Good luck and we hope to see your branding campaign soon!