The leadership of a follower

Being a leader is not an easy task, it requires skill, talent and insight. Therefore they should get all the credit right? Wrong! A leader wouldn’t be much of a leader without its followers. The underrated position of the followers needs to be acknowledged as well.

In the following video a dancing guy will becomes the leader of a spontaneous dancing party. He does it so fearlessly, charismatically and with easy dancing steps. Than the followers come into play, one by one.

Summing up the lessons:

  1. It must be clear (and easy) what to do to become a follower.
  2. The first (and second) follower must be encouraged and become an example of how easy it is to follow
  3. The first follower must be seen as equal as it will encourage him/her to invite other followers
  4. The movement (the leader and its followers) must be public
  5. Be fearless of ridicule and do not be afraid to follow.