The secret structure of great presentations

Remember that last presentation that grabbed your attention, filled you with energy and left you baffled and with goose bumps? Having the talent to give great presentations often seems like a god given gift which is impossible for the common man to reach. It steals the audience’s attention away from their phones and does not let go until the bitter end. It demands the audience not only to listen but to feel and understand. That mind blowing presentation everybody remembers can be broken down into a simple structure and taught to the common man.

The structure from Aristotle’s of a beginning a middle and an end has become prevalent. However, a mind blowing presentation goes beyond that, as Nancy Duarte discovered. They not only display this widely used structure, but also a different one which evokes more emotion. This results in the audience being involved in the vision and idea of the presenter. Exactly how this is done, Ms Duarte herself will explain in the video below.


Let’s see if you can discover and apply the structure in the following famous speech by Barack Obama: