The ultimate negotiation and what we can learn from it

We all have dealt with negotiation one way or another. While buying a car, deciding on a strategy or picking out furniture. However, negotiation is difficult, usually participants (think they) have opposing goals which can result in endless negotiation. We have all been in those meetings where time seems to go in slow motion as people try to explain their opposing views to each other in new ways.

This is the case in the following video. Here we get to witness the ultimate negotiation. A man trying to convince a woman to buy (in her eyes) hideous furniture, for a very high price. The stakes? Tickets for a very important football game. The men try various techniques and ways to persuade the women, but which one works?

What we can learn from it:

  1. Rationality is great, but sometimes the use of emotions can be more convincing.
  2. The use of emotions is especially helpful when your argumentation is not that strong, but focus only on positive emotions as negative emotions evoke critical thinking about your bad arguments.
  3. Avoid rigid thinking; do not make them feel this is a competition where they would lose if you “win” the negotiation. Make them feel it is a win-win situation.
  4. Find out the other’s motivations and use that to your advantage (likes expensive things such as designer handbags).
  5. Plan concessions; by at least giving something in, it can give the impression of relationship building and make the counterparty more inclined to give in a little too.