Mind blowing video from Madrid’s three Michelin-starred DiverXO

Published on okt 19, 2014 by Jillian Friedman

Here’s an incredibly dramatic, somewhat creepy short film from Madrid’s three Michelin-starred DiverXO. It features close-ups and slow motion shots of chef David Muñoz and his crew cooking with large flames, slicing through coconuts, ripping the skin off of a squid, and plating colorful dishes on a blank white canvas. The film then cuts to room of a group of stern looking strangers gathered around a table, eating plate after plate of Muñoz’s food. Oddly, the speed at which they eat their meals increases with each course until the room is a cacophony of hands grabbing plates and glasses. It’s a dramatic sort of re-introduction to DiverXO. [via]

How to use this during a workshop or training session? Really don’t know, please tell us because we are eager to use it. Maybe, something related to craftsmanship, perfection, innovation (food) or passion for your job/product. Tell us your point of view in the comments below.

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