Why stress is good for you…

That pressing feeling of having a million things to do and pretty much only having 5 seconds to get them done is something we are all familiar with. It is called stress and it has a very bad reputation. It can cause: high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, sleep problems, etc. However, according to Kelly McGonigal stress can be positive.

Looking beyond the negative effects stress can have on the body, small amounts of stress can be beneficial. They can improve athletic performance, improve adaptation and become a great motivational tool, as many procrastinators must know. Yet, the negatives seem to outwigh the positives as the amount of stress increases. Unfortunately, there is no button so we can regulate the amount of stress in our lives.

Kelly McGonigal saves the day as she explains that stress does not have to produce such negative effects, just by changing the state of mind. If stress and pressure is seen as something positive with the belief that it is not bad for your health, the negative effects it is supposed to have fade away. Stress becomes a motivational tool instead of a health risk or disease. Moreover, one can become more resistant to stress and able to prevent stress by reaching out to others. Stress finally does not seem so bad anymore.

Find out how this works exactly in the following video: